Thursday, March 23, 2023
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Todd: Key, Katie. How was your weekend?

Katie: It was really great.

Todd: What did you do on Saturday?

Katie: On Saturday, I went to the library with my friends.

Todd: Okay.

Katie: I read lots of books and I had a really, really relaxing time.

Todd: Wow. Sounds like you took it easy.

Katie: Yeah, I did.

Todd: Yeah, we need to take a break sometimes.

Katie: For sure.

Todd: Did you do anything else on Saturday?

Katie: On Saturday evening, I went to a restaurant with my co-workers.

Todd: Oh, nice. What kind of restaurant?

Katie: It was a restaurant that sells only chicken wings.

Todd: Really?

Katie: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Todd: Was it good chicken?

Katie: It was so good. It was very delicious.

Todd: Oh, okay. I think I know that place.

Katie: Yeah?

Todd: Yeah, it has the very spicy chicken.

Katie: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Todd: Oh, that place is crazy.

Katie: It’s my favorite.

Todd: I ate there once. The chicken was too spicy.

Katie: Too spicy.

Todd: Yeah.

Katie: Did you eat it?

Todd: I did and it hurt. It burned my mouth.

Katie: Oh, no.

Todd: Yeah. I definitely burned my mouth. So what about Sunday? Did you do anything on Sunday?

Katie: On Sunday I went shopping with my friends.

Todd: Oh, did you buy anything?

Katie: Oh, I bought lots of stuff.

Todd: Yeah, what did you buy?

Katie: I bought some new shoes and I bought a new dress?

Todd: Oh. Why did you buy a new dress?

Katie: It was cheap.

Todd: Okay.

Katie: It was on sale.

Todd: No special plans?

Katie: No, I just like buying clothes.

Todd: Oh, that’s good. Yeah, I’m the opposite. I don’t like buying clothes. So did you do anything else on Sunday?

Katie: After I went shopping, I went to a café with my friend.

Todd: Okay. Oh, cool. Nice.

Katie: And we drank some coffee.

Todd: What café did you go to?

Katie: I went to Starbucks.

Todd: Oh, everybody goes to Starbucks.

Katie: I love Starbucks.

Todd: Yeah, I love Starbucks too.

Katie: How about you though, what did you do this weekend?

Todd: Well, I had a great weekend. I took it easy also. I didn’t do too much. I saw a movie on Saturday night, that was fun.

Katie: Oh, really? What movie did you watch?

Todd: I finally saw the new Star Wars movie, Rogue One.

Katie: You saw the new Star Wars movie.

Todd: Yeah, I loved it. It’s so good.

Katie: Wow, sounds good. I haven’t seen it yet.

Todd: Oh, it’s really good. I hated the first Star Wars movie, the last one, The Force Awakens.

Katie: Oh, really?

Todd: No, I didn’t like it.

Katie: Why?

Todd: It’s just boring. It wasn’t that interesting. But the next one Rogue One was so good.

Katie: Oh, I see. Why did you think so?

Todd: I just liked the characters. The story was interesting. It was fun, it was a good movie.

Katie: I see. Did you go with anybody?

Todd: No, I went alone.

Katie: Oh, really?

Todd: Yeah. I often go to movies alone. So I like to go to movies alone, actually.

Katie: Oh, why?

Todd: Because I rarely see movies and if I see a movie, I just want to watch the movie.

Katie: I see.

Todd: Yeah, I know, it sounds boring, hm?

Katie: I don’t like it when people eat popcorn in movies either.

Todd: Oh, I know. Yeah.

Katie: : I don’t like the noise that people make.

Todd: Oh, I know, it’s so annoying.

Katie: So I can understand why you want to see movies by yourself.

Todd: Yeah.

Katie: How about Sunday? Did you do anything on Sunday?

Todd: Yeah, I had a good time. I went to the park. There’s a beautiful park down by the bay and I went jogging. And I took a bunch of photos because the weather was beautiful.

Katie: What did you take photos of?

Todd: Oh, I just took photos of the water, of people at the park, of the mountains. It was a clear day and the sky was really, really beautiful.

Katie: Sounds nice.

Todd: Yeah.

Katie: You’ll have to show me afterwards.

Todd: Oh, yeah, you have to go there. It’s a great, great park. Well, it sounds like you had a good weekend.

Katie: You too.

1) What did she do? 


2) What did she buy? 


3) What did she do Sunday? 


4) What did he do on Saturday? 


5) What did he do on Sunday? 

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