Tuesday, March 28, 2023
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Todd: OK, Katie.

Katie: Yeah.

Todd: Let’s take an international test.

Katie: Oh, OK.

Todd: How international are you? Let’s find out.

Katie: Let’s find out.

Todd: First, have you ever eaten Greek food?

Katie: Greek food? Ah, I’ve eaten, how do you say it, falafel.

Todd: Oh, is that Greek?

Katie: I think so. I’ve had that, but apart from that, I’ve never eaten Greek food. How about you?

Todd: Ah, I think I have. Like, I’ve eaten Greek yogurt. Does that count?

Katie: That counts.

Todd: That counts?

Katie: That counts.

Todd: OK, have you ever eaten Russian food?

Katie: What’s Russian food?

Todd: I think, Russian food, is it borscht? Borscht is like a cabbage soup.

Katie: Hmm, I’ve never eaten Russian food.

Todd: Yeah, maybe I haven’t eaten Russian food either. OK, last one, have you ever eaten Vietnamese food?

Katie: Ah, I see it written down. Is it pho?

Todd: Pho, the noodles?

Katie: Yeah, I’ve eaten pho before.

Todd: Yeah, I’ve been to Vietnam so I’ve eaten Vietnamese food a lot. And pho the noodles is really good.

Katie: Yeah, it’s delicious.

Todd: I’ve had that too.

Katie: OK, now let’s talk about languages.

Todd: Oh, OK. Have you ever studied French?

Katie: I have. I studied French for five years.

Todd: Oh, can you still speak French?

KatieNopeNot at all.

Todd: Yeah, me too. I once studied French years ago, but I haven’t spoken French in so long I can’t remember anything.

Katie: I can’t remember anything either.

Todd: Have you ever studied an Asian Language?

Katie: I’ve studied Japanese. I can still speak it a little bit now, and I studied a little bit of Korean, but I don’t speak Korean.

Todd: Oh, really. OK. Wow, like I’ve studied Thai because I lived in Thailand for five years, and like you I’ve studied Japanese, but my Japanese is terrible.

Katie: How about your Thai?

Todd: My Thai is OK. It’s OK. I can talk a little bit. OK, so have you ever met a Spanish person?

Katie: A Spanish person? Actually, I don’t think I have.

Todd: Really?

Katie: I don’t think I have met a Spanish person.

Todd: Oh, interesting. I’ve been to Spain so, I’ve met a few and we have a Spanish teacher at our school.

Katie: Oh, maybe I have met a Spanish person then. Maybe, I’ve met a secret Spanish person.

Todd: OK, have you met a Chinese person?

Katie: Oh, yes, I’ve meet lots of Chinese people.

Todd: OK, and have you met a Brazilian person?

Katie: I feel like if I say no, then I have. Probably. Probably, I’ve met a Brazilian person.

Todd: Yeah, I’ve met a few people from Brazil, so they’re alway very nice. Very friendly people.

Todd: OK, we’ll talk about movies.

Katie: OK.

Todd: Have you ever seen a German movie?

Katie: I haven’t seen a German movie. I haven’t seen very many movies.

Todd: Oh, OK.

Katie: Even English movies, I haven’t seen very many.

Todd: Well, have you seen a Canadian movie?

Katie: Uh, I don’t know. Have I?

Todd: Well, the thing is, in Hollywood in America, all the famous actors are Canadian, so I think everybody’s seen a Canadian movie.

Katie: I’ve definitely seen a Canadian actor.

Todd: Yeah, all actors in America are Canadian it seems like.

Katie: I think so.

Todd: OK, have you ever bought something from Italy?

Katie: From Italy. I have. I have bought – not for me – but I bought my mother a bag from Italy one time.

Todd: OK, what was the brand?

KatieI have no idea. She asked me to buy a brand and I bought it, but I don’t know which one it was.

Todd: OK, have you bought something from Japan?

Katie: I’ve bought lots of things from Japan. I’ve lived in Japan for a few years, so I’ve bought all kinds of things from Japan.

Todd: OK, and now we’ll move on to countries.

Katie: OK.

Todd: Have you ever been to France?

Katie: I have. Actually, I have been to France a couple of times. My high school has a house in France, so for our school trips we would go to France every year.

Todd: Ooh, how nice.

Katie: Yeah, how about you? Have you been to France?

Todd: You know, I haven’t really. I took a bus from England to Prague, so the bus drove through France, but it never stopped.

Katie: I see.

Todd: What other countries have you been to?

Katie: I’ve been to Germany, I’ve been to Hong Kong, I’ve been to South Korea, and I’ve been to China.

Todd: Wow, you’ve been to a lot of places.

Katie: Yeah. How about you? What countries have you been to?

Todd: Ah, I’ve been to countries in Europe. I’ve been to Israel. I’ve been to Cambodia, and Laos. I worked in Thailand, and I’ve been to Taiwan and Korea.

Katie: Wow. Which country did you like the best?

ToddOh boy! That’s impossible. I will say this, I love … I love Seoul. I love Seoul, Korea. It’s a great city. OK, anyway, thanks Katie.

Katie: Thank you.

Answer the following questions about the interview.

1) Has she eaten Greek food? 


2) Has she eaten Russian Food 


3) Has she eaten Thai food? 


4) Who has studied Thai? 


5) What language have they both studied? 

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