Saturday, December 10, 2022
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Todd: So Meg, in the last one we were talking about idioms, but we didn’t cover them all. Let’s go over some more idioms.

Meg: OK.

Todd: Alright so the first one is what activity is in your blood?

Meg: Hmm, I would say anything with nature in my blood, so hiking or especially kayaking. I love going kayaking, and so it’s hard for me to resist if I’m in a place with beautiful nature, I need to go outside.

Todd: So what about baking? Isn’t baking sort of just natural for you. Don’t you just love to bake? Isn’t it in your blood?

Meg: I do also love to bake. Yeah. I guess hiking and baking are both in my blood together, kind of two different activities. So baking especially when I can make very creative and decorative desserts, to share with people, so I don’t like to bake for myself, but sharing with others, it’s quite enjoyable for me. Do you have any activities or things that are in your blood?

Todd: Well, I think one is just teaching. I love teaching. I just want to teach all the time. Even if I won the lottery, I would be a teacher. I just like thinking of lessons, thinking of new ideas for lessons, trying technology with lessons, so even on my free time, I like thinking about it. And another thing is jogging. Even though, most people are surprised because I’m a little fat. I’m about 20 pounds overweight, but I run almost every day.

Meg: I think I’ve seen you running before.

Todd: Yeah, I literally run every day. Like if I don’t run, I feel terrible, like it’s the most relaxing thing for me.

Meg: Yeah.

Todd: I can’t go two or three days – two days maybe – but I can’t go three or four days without running.

Meg: So jogging is really in your blood?

Todd: Yeah, and I started when I was a kid. You know the movie Forest Gump, where he just starts running.

Meg: Right, yes, yes.

Todd: That was me as a kid.

Meg: Run Forest Run!

Todd: I would just run out of my driveway, also in the country, and just go running for an hour

Meg: Wow!

Todd: Just to run, I thought it was fun.

Meg: Well, that’s great.

Todd: Yeah, it’s definitely in my blood.

Todd: OK, so we’ll talk a little about feelings. So when you get criticized, do you take it to heart?

Meg: I think my first reaction, is to take it to heart, so sometimes I might be a little oversensitive when I first get criticized, but after some time passes and I’m able to think about it, usually I can see how that criticism can be useful, and I can try to make a change or improve something. Or I can decide that I don’t care about that person’s opinion. What about you? What do you do? How do you respond?

Todd: Yeah, I used to take things to heart a lot, but as I’ve gotten older, as many people do, now a lot of it just rolls off my back, as we say, like water off a duck’s back, so it doesn’t bother me at all

Meg: Yeah.

Todd: Yeah, I just realize everybody has different opinions and don’t worry about it.

Meg: Yeah, I think that’s a good attitude to have.

Todd: Yeah, OK, so the next one also about feelings and opinions. So are you more likely to bite your lip, or speak your mind when you disagree with somebody?

Meg: I think it depends on the situation, so if I feel like someone else is being treated unfairly or there are some rules that are there for a reason that should be followed, I am ore likely to speak my mind, but if it’s something personal, or just related to me I might bite my lip to try to keep the peace. What would you do, bite your lip or speak your mind?

Todd: Well, I have a big mouth, so no, I always speak my mind. So I have a really big mouth. I just never keep it inside. Yeah, it’s really hard for me to bite my lip.

Meg: Hmm.

Todd: Yeah, so. That can be a bad thing.

Meg: But sometimes good.

Todd: Yeah, say it like it is, as they say.

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