Thursday, June 1, 2023
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Todd: So Katie, I want to go to the mall.

Katie: Okay.

Todd: Have you been to the new mall?

Katie: Yeah, I actually went there just yesterday.

Todd: Okay. So I want to buy some computer stuff. Is there a computer store?

Katie: There are two computer stores.

Todd: Really? Ooh, that’s good.

Katie: There’s a computer store on the first floor, and then very close to that there’s also a Mac store.

Todd: Ooh, that’s perfect. I want to buy a new Mac.

Katie: Oh, me too.

Todd: They’re so expensive, though.

Katie: Mm-hmm.

Todd: Okay, what about books? I really like books. Is there a bookstore with English books?

Katie: There’s a huge bookstore on the fourth floor.

Todd: Ooh, that’s good.

Katie: It’s really big. And there are lots of English books you can read there.

Todd: Oh, great. Nice. And how about the food there?

Katie: The food’s okay. There’s a big food court on the third floor, and you can get a variety of food. You can get a Subway.

Todd: Oh, that’s good. I love sandwiches. Is the food good there, though?

Katie: They don’t have any sandwiches that I like, basically.

Todd: Oh, really. Okay. So what else is there at the mall?

Katie: Oh, there’s so much at the mall. There’s a café on the ground floor.

Todd: Oh, nice.

Katie: If you like drinking coffee.

Todd: I do. I like to go and study and just relax.

Katie: That’s the perfect place for you, then.

Todd: I like to people watch. Yeah, that sounds good. Maybe we can watch a movie.

Katie: Oh, it’s a great people-watching place.

Todd: Oh, cool.

Katie: The windows are really big, and you can see out onto the street.

Todd: Oh, cool. What else is there? Is there a movie theater?

Katie: Mm-hmm. There’s a movie theater on the fourth floor.

Todd: Oh, great. Now, do they have English movies?

Katie: They have English and Japanese movies.

Todd: Oh, that’s good. I should watch some Japanese movies too.

Katie: They’re interesting.

Todd: And how about food? I hear there’s a new supermarket, a big supermarket there.

Katie: It’s pretty big. And you can get lots of food there. It’s on the first floor.

Todd: Okay. Is there anything else I should see?

Katie: What about the roof garden?

Todd: Oh, what is the roof garden?

Katie: It’s on the fifth floor, and it’s, well it’s on the roof, and you can see a beautiful view of the city. And there’s also places for you to sit and just enjoy the view.

Todd: Oh, nice. A roof garden, I like that.

Katie: It’s really nice.

Todd: Now, do you buy clothes at the mall? Do they have nice clothing shops?

Katie: Yeah, they have nice clothing shops. Some of them are a little bit expensive.

Todd: Ah, yeah.

Katie: And I like buying cheap clothes.

Todd: Okay. When’s a good time to go?

Katie: I think the best time to go is probably weekdays.

Todd: Okay. Why?

Katie: If you go on the weekend, there are so many children there.

Todd: Oh.

Katie: Ugh. It’s hard to walk around.

Todd: Yeah, and we’re teachers, we teach kids all day.

Katie: Mm-hmm.

Todd: Okay. I don’t want to go then.

Katie: No, me neither.

Todd: Well, I want to go there next week, maybe Thursday night.

Katie: Okay.

Todd: Do you want to join me?

Katie: Yeah, that sounds good. Maybe we can watch a movie.

Todd: Cool. I’ll buy you dinner.

Katie: Sounds great.

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