Saturday, December 10, 2022
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Todd: So, Katie, let’s talk about family.


Katie: Okay.


Todd: In your family, who is nice?


Katie: In my family, I think my, my mum is really nice. She’s always looking out for everyone. She always makes sure everybody is happy. And she’s just really nice and kind.


Todd: Wow! That’s great. Who is a funny person? Who is very funny?


Katie: I think in my family; my dad is very funny. But I don’t think he knows he’s very funny.


Todd: Alright. Oh, that’s interesting. Now who is serious? Is anybody serious?


Katie: I don’t think anybody is serious in my family.


Todd: No uncles or aunts?


Katie: Everyone likes to have a laugh. Everyone likes to have a good time.


Todd: Oh that-


Katie: Everyone is always joking.


Todd: Oh, what I nice family.


Katie: (laughs)


Todd: OK. Who is very hardworking?



Katie: Ooohh. Well obviously, my mum is very hardworking. And she’s always been very hardworking. She has to make sure that the whole family knows what they’re doing. She has to make sure the whole family is ready for every day. Yeah, I think my mum is the hardworking one.


Todd: OK. Is anybody not hardworking? Maybe a little lazy?


Katie: Definitely me. (laughs) Definitely me especially when I was younger. I would never help with any of the chores in the house. I was definitely the lazy one.


Todd: Oh, I understand, I’m the same way. OK. Now in your family, who is very smart?


Katie: My brother is really, really smart. He actually went to Oxford University.


Todd: Whoa.


Katie: Yeah, he’s very smart. But I didn’t get any of that. My brother has all the smart genes.


Todd: Wow, that’s a good school. OK. Who is very fit?


Katie: Hmm… Well, my dad is a chef and-


Todd: Oh, really?


Katie: Yeah. My dad makes really, really good food, so no one in my family is fit. We all eat too much food.


Todd: Oh, nobody exercises a lot?


Katie: Not really.


Todd: Oh, okay. Yeah, in my family, my dad is super fit.


Katie: (laugh)


Todd: OK. In your family, who is talkative?


Katie: Oh, I keep saying my mum for all of these but my mum is definitely the most talkative. She talks to anybody who – even people who she doesn’t know. She will talk to anybody, strangers on the street, people she meets at the bus stop. She talks to everybody.


Todd: Oh, that’s cool. Now, who is quiet?


Katie: Hmm, I think when he’s meeting people for the first time, my brother is very quiet. He’s very shy. He doesn’t like speaking to new people a lot.


Todd: OK. Thanks a lot. Sounds like a nice family.


Katie: Yeah. I think so too.

Answer these questions about the interview.

1) Who looks out for people? 

2) Who is very funny? 

3) Who is serious? 

4) Who is hardwoking? 

5) Who is really smart? 

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