Friday, February 3, 2023
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Sarah: All right, Adam. So we’re going to talk about lifestyle choices. First question for you is would you rather have a roommate or live alone?

Adam: I’ve had some really good experiences with roommates, but right now I live alone. And I really enjoy to have my own space and I like to keep it a certain way. I’m kind of a clean person, so I probably choose to live alone.

Sarah: Okay. That leads me to my next question which is house or apartment. So if you choose to live alone, would you like a house or an apartment?

Adam: I’d love to live in a house. Right now I live in an apartment and it’s okay. But yeah, I really like the outdoors, and like to have a yard or a small garden or something would be great. So I love, like, privacy. I like to play my music really loud or something, so in a house maybe I could do that. And in an apartment, it’s a bit difficult.

Sarah: So a house usually means a pretty big commitment of like where you’re living. So if you could have a house anywhere where would it be?

Adam: Maybe in my hometown. It would be nice to have a house in Seattle. But I am not a person that likes to be tied down so much, so that would be kind of tricky for me. Apartments are also nice too because you don’t have the upkeep and the responsibility that you might have with a house. So that is nice. I wish I could just have a house and just move it with me wherever I go.

Sarah: So if you could move that house anywhere, would it be like a town or a city, like what do you prefer?

Adam: I’d definitely live outside of the city, but close enough to where I could commute within like 20 minutes, 30 minutes to be able to go shopping and do my everyday life. But I like peace and quiet and nature, so definitely outside of the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Sarah: So how about pets? Would you like to have a pet or not have anything or one live in your house?

Adam: I love animals. I have always wanted to have a dog or really, any sort of pet. But I move so much that it makes having a pet difficult. So I’ve never really had one although if I ever do settle down somewhere, I would absolutely get maybe several pets. I love, I love animals.

Sarah: Nice. Thanks.

Answer these questions about the interview.

1) He wants a house because he _____ . 

2) He would like to live _____ the city. 

3) He says he _____ a pet. 

4) He would like to live near _____ . 

5) He likes apartments _____ . 

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